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Available to buy Thanksgiving 2013!

Available to buy Thanksgiving 2013!

Promote rad chics everywhere.

Loni Rene Taylor is an avid outdoorswoman and artist.  This copper pendant is her vision of elegance and athleticism. The original work of art was hand-sawed from a solid sheet of copper. Copper is the most renewable metal on the planet and encourages good health throughout the body. Loni wore the pendant for many years as she explored the endless beauty of Whistler, British Columbia. When she returned to her home state of Colorado she decided it was time to share this unique piece with her fellow athletic ladies. Your copper pendant is cut using a high-pressured water-jetting machine that sculpts with precision through a small hole in a ruby. The pendant is completed with a non-directional matte finish and strung with waxed cotton, adjustable thread. The natural elements of the environment will eventually leave a unique patina on your pendant. Enjoy this jewelry on and off the slopes, representing what you love to live, and live to love.

Available to buy now, ready to ship. Just send us a request below.



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