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Vines across the earth

Grow fonder everyday
I feel myself connected in ways
Organic and fed
So streamline from
Fitness to mystics
Leave me in overexcited hysterics
Wonder! The ways this world
Functions beyond our comprehensions
Relax! Why try to know
Something with infinite
Potential? You know you’ll never know.
Chillax! It’s time to ponder
The unbelievably possible. My
Hair is is made of kelp, as it
Floats in the Sea. My fingertips
Intertwine with the roots of the
Seaweed vines. Free floating in
The waves my belly button
Is a surfer in paradise.
My breasts bubble as
Islands volcanoes realize
My Arms reach to the skies
With their cedar limb ties
My head floats amongst
The clouds a moon amongst flies.
I know not how I came
Except up from the earth
She will hold me in her warmth
As I cradle her in mine
We are one and we are all
Everything around is she the mother
Earth is a woman and I love her.
Thank you M.E. for giving me, me!
You have lead by example on how to be free.
I have become my own you.
So connected. Mother, thank you.

May 13, 2012
By Loni Taylor


There was a bunny in the forest, hopping down the valley
He came upon a storm with purple clouds to tally
It was a lime-lit puke of powder on a full moon night
He stood atop a mushroom patch ideal for his flight
Through fluff up to his heart he sprang off his puff
As thunder growled atop he couldn’t get enough
Lightning struck through his ears
Now sparks give him fears
But his fluorescent coat attracts all the lassies
He hides his fried eyes under classy glasses

January 2012
By Loni Taylor



Loni Rene is here to tickle your ears,

She is hear to sooth your fears,

Provide sex for your eyes,

And give yoo surprise!

-By Loni Taylor 2011.



Home is Just a Bigger Place

That’s what my father said

When I shifted across the globe

Like a zig zag hike in Waipi’o Valley

It’s a place you feel perpetually warm,

Even on a bitter crisp day- where your rock flip flops

In October storms pressing through the powdered blanket dismay

It’s a being that provides you with a habitat,

To explore in, to seek and discover valuable blinks.

Contemplate and ponder absolutely beautiful things.

Make a space of Haven to enjoy each other’s radiant beams.

As we rattle through life trying to make the biggest or smallest mark on earth.

Home is the present place in which we dwell, it is what we make it.

A ragin rock n roll heaven or a peaceful hell.

We each struggle to fulfill soul control until we grow old enough to know we never will.

We must embrace this city and give thanks to all it offers.

We hold a committed relationship with our home, because we come back to it everyday,

Staying nestled in it’s arms, never staying for too long.

I invest my time in making it a better place because its where I rest my head.

It’s where I choose to stay each day and the days will come again.

-By Loni Taylor 2009.

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