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Loni Taylor’s favorite type of art is Public Interactive Art. This includes live paintings, dance performance, interactive sculptures, furniture, and interactive paint projects.

In 2009, in the Walter C. Koerner Library courtyard at UBC in British Colombia, Loni conducted an interactive chalk-drawing project. Loni outlined a Thunderbird design early morning in late March. Throughout the day Loni invited fellow students, passersby, and friends to join her in creating the UBC Mascot across the courtyard in washable chalk. Many students study in the windows of the glassy post-modern library, and watched the illustration unfold from a grand perspective overlooking the center of campus. The creation proved to be extremely temporary, considering Vancouver’s misty notoriety. The giant thunderbird washed away by the end of the week. Loni was interviewed explaining, “I was surprised to observe how little school spirit UBC’s 40,000+ population had. Many students I spoke to today were clueless as to whom our school mascot was. I hope more people know now and explore our school’s roots a bit further.”


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